I. surrender sur‧ren‧der 1 [səˈrendə ǁ -ər] verb
1. [transitive] INSURANCE if you surrender an insurance policy, you stop it before it mature S (= becomes due for payment) and receive only a part of what it would have been worth if you had kept it:

• Many policyholders had held their annuities for years because of heavy penalties for surrendering them.

• The firm paid out $1.33 billion in the first quarter to customers surrendering insurance policies.

— compare redeem
2. [intransitive, transitive] if someone surrenders their power, influence, high position etc, they allow someone else to have it:

• Eight months after taking over the running of the business, she surrendered that authority to a man who had only just joined.

• He plans to surrender his majority ownership of the company.

3. [transitive] JOURNALISM FINANCE if shares etc surrender their value, price etc, the value, price etc falls:

• After surrendering 39% of its value in the early 1990s, the Nikkei average has moved steadily upwards.

4. [transitive] LAW to give something to an official authority when it is asked for:

• Under the Bankruptcy Code, debtors must surrender most of their assets.

• The seven men have been granted bail on condition that their passports be surrendered.

  [m0] II. surrender surrender 2 noun [countable, uncountable] INSURANCE
the act of stopping an insurance policy before it mature S (= becomes due for payment):

• Last year's losses follow a flood of policy surrenders.

• Any profit arising on surrender or maturity will be taken into account.

* * *

surrender UK US /səˈrendər/ verb [T]
to give up something or control over something: »

Generally, the amount paid by the lessee to surrender the lease will be liable to capital gains tax.


Britain may be forced to surrender at least some of its voting power in the IMF.

surrender sth to sb »

He was granted bail, on condition that he surrender his passport to the authorities.

INSURANCE to end an insurance policy early, before its original end date: »

Policy-holders who need to dispose of their policies can see if they would do better to sell rather than surrender the policy.

FINANCE to lose value: »

Yesterday on the money markets the euro surrendered its earlier gains against the dollar.

surrender UK US /səˈrendər/ noun [C or U]
the act of giving up something, or giving control of something to someone else: »

The penalty for early surrender of pensions remains at 25%.


The union was forced into a surrender of some recent gains in the latest round of negotiations.

INSURANCE the act of ending an insurance policy early, before its original end date: »

You will have to pay a fee for the early surrender of your policy.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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